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Order all of your items at the same time, helps avoid waiting for one item to be cooked separately and waiting all over again for that one item.


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Buffalo's is the foodies' Non-Franchise food option. What does that mean? It means those times when your thinking to get something really good and you don't want to waste a good appetite on everyday fast franchise food, you want a place like Buffalo's,  food that isn't sitting under the heat lamps drying up waiting for someone to come in, Buffalo's is made fresh to order.   It means offering wholesome home-style food that you can get without making it yourself.  Non-processed chicken, ground beef, sauces, ribs or anything else.  Fresh chicken breasts for sandwiches, whole white meat for boneless wings, micro batch sauces produced based on demand and dry rubbed ribs that marinate for a day.  We are excited about food, creativity and what we do.  What we make at home for ourselves, we offer to you- the foodie.  Old school style good finger lickin' food. We hope to see you soon, save an appetite for us.

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Recent reveiws

"The wing here are amazing. Totally worth it. idk about other items but why would you come for anything else when the place is called "buffalo chicken shack?"
- Sam B.

"Great place for the best buffalo wings in a variety of sauces. My favorites are the spicy buffalo, honey spicay and "numb ya face" (habanero). The "numb ya face" will really do what it says.  Careful with these.  I can't handle more than 5 myself but they are the MOST AWESOME sauce."
- Richard N., Nutley, NJ

"As far as local Wings restaurants are concerned Buffalo's Chicken Shack trumps all. I've been there a couple times now and I must say I'm looking forward to my next trip."
 - Robert P., Lyndhurst, NJ 

The name alone drew me to this restaurant.  It takes arrogance to call yourself buffalo's, but after trying this place I immediately realized that this was the best buffalo wing I've ever had (I know that's a little dramatic but I've tried about 15 - 20 different kinds of buffalo wings in my life- including buffalo, NY) and I was blown away.  The sauce was outstanding and the chicken was nice and crispy.
- John D., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

"This place is awesome! I am an absolute foody and will travel all over for a decent meal. I had read the reviews on Yelp and decided to give it a try. The 40 minute each way trip was well worth it, great chicken wings, crispy, over-sized compared to most and awesome flavors."
- Brian G., Hillsdale, NJ

PROUDLY SERVING the best wings in new jersey

Foodie Tip!


Call ahead for pick up orders, orders are made on demand and may take about 15-20 minutes.  Call ahead to avoid waiting around for your order.

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